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3sense offers positioning and proximity solutions based on the needs of different market sectors, in the field of Location of Things.

The company is the ideal partner to provide the best localization solutions based on customer needs, thanks to a tracking technology agnostic framework.

This makes 3sense able to provide the market with an extremely flexible solution that has been successfully applied in several use cases, such as:

  • Asset management – to get a real-time overview of the precise position of (for example: tools, fleet, goods, etc.).
  • Safety: to improve construction site safety levels by identifying emergency situations, immediately identifying workers in risky situations or identifying anomalies.
  • Process management: to monitor the status of operations and support decision-making in real time.
  • Museums / Events – improve the visitor experience thanks to accurate statistics on audience behaviour and by providing proximity marketing services.
  • Smart Office: to provide a real-time overview of space occupation and improve the interaction between spaces and employees.
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