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Accelerat srl is an innovative start-up company focused on embedded software solutions for guaranteeing cyber-security, safety, and time-predictability on cyber-physical systems, like vehicles, autonomous/semi-autonomous and collaborative robots, industrial plants, and any other embedded systems.
Accelerat srl is a Spin-off company of the Retis Laboratory from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, one of the world’s leading research team in the area of embedded real-time systems.
Competences cover the following aspects:

  1. Software embedded
  2. System-level cyber-security
  3. Time-predictable software
  4. Accelerated computing

Accelerat developed CLARE, a one-stop software solution that guarantees resiliency against cyber-attacks, time-predictability, and reduce the Size, Weight, Power consumption, and Costs (SWaP-C) of the entire system decreasing also the time-to-market. CLARE has been designed for heterogeneous platforms targeting mixed-criticality applications: systems where non-critical functions (e.g., internet connectivity or advanced human-machine interface) cohexist with critical functions (e.g., vehicle control or monitoring).
CLARE provides strong isolation among software components with different nature and criticality, creating private capsules for each of them and avoiding the propagation of any cyber-attack or software fault.

Accelerat is the industrial partner for supporting products and services for the edge-computing. In particular, Accelerat offers a comprehensive support for the whole System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from preliminary and feasibility study to development, deployment, and maintenance. Furthermore, Accelerat offers peculiar and specific support for the analysis and improvement of existing systems, like:

  1. Timing analysis of embedded software
  2. Cyber-security analysis
  3. Hardware acceleration of embedded software
  4. Embedded virtualization solutions
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