Ergo is a consolidated international reality operating throughout the Headquarters in Pisa (Italy) and with the partner Ergo Iberia based in Barcelona Spain. Ergo bases its know-how on a network of legal-financial and technical-scientific expertise developed within the scope of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, capable of providing qualified interdisciplinary services to deal with the complex issues of sustainability .
The company was founded in late 2006 on the initiative of four university professors and four researchers from the Sant’Anna School of Pisa with more than ten years’ experience in the field of environmental management and support to public administration to implement Environmental and Safety Management Systems, the promotion of Product and Manufacturing Standards, Territorial and Environmental Marketing and Energy Planning.

The main types of services that Ergo is able to offer concern:
• Process and product management and process certification
• Specific solutions for oil and gas
• Energy and efficient use of resources: planning, management and performance control
• Management of greenhouse gas emissions
• Carbon Airport Management
• Green Marketing, Communication and Environmental and Social Reporting
• Policy processes and environmental assessments
• Audit and audit activities
• Training


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