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ITALY SMART FOOD s.r.l. is an innovative startup that was born from the intuition of Dario Nadimi Zahedani (entrepreneur from Livorno, traveler and scholar passionate about herbal medicine) to be able to satisfy the current need of a large part of the population to reduce the consumption of salt at the table with natural alternatives, without giving up savory taste of the dishes, using the olive leaves, waste from the pressing process, rich in hypotensive active ingredients.

The company’s mission is to produce quality foods and nutritional supplements useful for health, in line with the goal of reducing salt consumption by 30% by 2025.

Among these there is Olivello Toscano, a highly innovative product as it is suitable for completely replacing salt at the table, providing more savory taste to dishes, providing olive polyphenols useful for maintaining physiological blood pressure and containing 80% less NaCl. It is also a product with a high technological value as it is made with 4.0 machinery based on eco-sustainable systems of cold extraction and without chemical solvents, using bioactives obtained from waste from the Tuscan olive-oil supply chain.

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