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Justfortails is a pet-focused company specialized in supporting hospitality establishments in creating the best offering on the market for pet-friendly guests, helping the hospitality industry target and attract this audience, increase bookings and revenue, and provide pet-oriented consultancy and service development. In a competitive landscape, Justfortails provides comprehensive services, consultancy, and training that are adaptable based on the starting level and specialization of a given establishment or activity. Our offering can accompany clients through this process of transition and specialization by providing them with the tools and skills to differentiate themselves and thrive in a profitable and potential market segment. With the trusted quality brand of KODAMICI, clients can improve their reputation and become a point of reference in this field. Leveraging a multidisciplinary team of experts, Justfortails allows clients to achieve the previously mentioned objectives while saving time and resources, thereby optimizing the profitability of this customer segment for the hospitality establishment.

A fundamental aspect of our philosophy is animal welfare. We believe that pets should be handled with care, respect, and love in every aspect of their stay. Our multidisciplinary team of experts, with expertise in areas such as veterinary medicine, animal behavior, and pet-friendly facility management, is committed to ensuring that environments can provide a safe, comfortable, and stimulating setting for our four-legged guests.

Additionally, we promote the balance between humans and animals as a crucial element for a successful pet-friendly experience. Our consultancy goes beyond creating services tailored to pets, also providing guidelines and training for the staff of hospitality establishments to foster a harmonious and positive relationship between human guests and animals.

Through our quality brand, KODAMICI, we offer clients the opportunity to enhance their reputation as premier pet-friendly destinations. Being recognized as a point of reference in this field will not only attract more guests but also guarantee a unique and rewarding experience for them.

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