Calls for proposals and Projects

Calls for proposals and projects: need help?

Looking for call for proposal, understanding the requirements, writing the project and preparing the documents required in the proper form is often not that easy. For this reason we decided to put our know how at the disposal of enterprises. Yes, but how?

We care

We constantly monitor calls for proposal: we know the needs of our companies and startups and we know exactly what to offer him. When we identify a good opportunity, we immediately inform our companies though a dedicated newsletter and we contact the most interested and involved ones directly. Furthermore, blogs and social networks help us to convey the news outside the Park.

We help you out with the project and the application form

If you need our assistance, we can manage one or all aspects together:

  • Identification of the appropriate call for proposal
  • Requirements check
  • Budgeting
  • Support in the writing of the project proposal and/or revision
  • Submission of applications for funding
  • Results monitoring
  • Support during reporting phases

We make you autonomous

We organize seminars and training courses on single calls for proposal or subject but we also train companies’ internal staff through project management courses, etc.

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GIULIA GORI               Servizi di supporto alle aziende   tel. 050/754144