Open Innovation

Networking is the soul and heart of the NTP, the core idea it was designed for and the reason why we keep on developing.

Building relationships to find new ideas

Many companies within walking distance, a cafeteria with canteen and several events: there are plenty of opportunities to meet and chat. Ideas, proposals, projects are a natural consequence of working close to those who can help you develop them.

NPT facilitates and encourages the knowledge of its companies by all means, from start-ups to multinationals in order to create a “business network” which is the connector that gives energy to innovation.

Scouting is one of the services that Polo staff provides with commitment.

If you are a small businessman it is hard to present an idea or an innovative solution to large companies or public administrations. But with NTP everything is easier: we find the right people and we guide you through the meeting… Then it’s up to your skill!

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PAOLO ALDERIGI   Business development & technology transfer   tel. 050/754142
SIMONE PERNA     Business development & technology transfer    tel. 050/7519811