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Elements Works was born in the summer of 2014, with the initial goal to design and build advanced systems containing state of the art renewable sources like the wave energy converters by 40South Energy; the company wanted to act as a single point of contact for the development and realization of projects, from authorizations to EPCM to O&M.

As a first example, the company helped in the development and construction of the first wave energy park in Marina di Pisa which uses the H24 machines by 40South Energy (for which Elements Works also contrinuted the design and construction of the control and power conversion modules).

That plant was later sold to Enel Green Power.

During the same period Elements Works conceived the “Blu Marina by Elements “ community microgrid, including H24 wave energy devices and partially funded through crowdfunding. The prototype project was designed around the Marina di Pisa harbour, but then the project has not yet taken off due to the slow pickup rate for crowdfunding in Italy.

In a second phase started in the fall of 2015, Elements Works has expanded its operational capabilites for advanced marine services, acquiring 4 boats and state of the art instrumentation (like umbelicals, ROVs, precision GPS location, hydrophones, an advanced small dredgin unit) and begus offering such services to several clients.

In a third phase, starting from 2017, the company started develping innovative technologies and later patenting them. The first products for which patent applications have been filed and products have already been commercialized are underwater barriers (among which highly innovative jellyfish nets) and underwater cultivation systems which provide a disruptive approach to underwater agriculture; the first application has been to Posidonia Oceanica reforestation off Elba Island in Italy.

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