The new competitive scenarios increasingly require companies to change their production systems and business models and to focus on strategic skills to adapt to the digital transformation.

To meet this need, the Polo Tecnologico Academy’s training courses are designed and implemented as Blended Learning Experiences, alternating moments of live streaming learning with in-person training and coaching sessions in the places where innovation is born and developed.

Real Labs, contaminated by diversified experiences, in which entrepreneurs, administrators, managers, C-level, professionals, coming from different realities, can find, thanks to the development of new skills, the ideal conditions to share growth and development projects.

And also Labs focused on the individual company, in order to be able to interpret, define and implement digitalisation projects and processes in the most appropriate form for its business, involving the entire corporate ecosystem.

A hub for the digital transformation of enterprises, through services for competitiveness, labs, learning environments, aggregation and experimentation spaces, and digital platforms, so that enterprises can share, expand and improve their knowledge and skills, and develop through new collaborative forms.

The training courses offered by the Polo Tecnologico Academy are of short duration and focused on key issues, techniques and concrete tools, to respond effectively and quickly to the innovation needs of companies.

The training courses are designed to:

  • face the challenges of digital transformation
  • drive change
  • meet growth needs
  • develop your business.

Grow your skills. Choose the training path that best suits you and your company.

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