everything is connected

Innovation acts as a bridge that connects the knowledge and experiences of the past to the challenges and opportunities of the present, paving the way for the future. It’s the path that entrepreneurs at the Polo Tecnologico walk every day.

Connections, challenges, talents, skills—these elements foster the growth of an innovation ecosystem that fills us with pride more and more each day.

That’s the story of the Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio, the largest Technological Park in Tuscany, a Certified MIMIT Incubator—a platform for innovation development that connects businesses, startups, and centers of excellence to create new business opportunities and development for the region. It’s a multifunctional structure spanning 20,000 square meters, housing offices, laboratories, where over sixty companies operate, offering an extraordinary aggregate of innovation for the growth of Tuscany’s productive system and beyond.

Join the Tuscany Innovation Hub today. Contact us at info@polotecnologico.it

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