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Smart textiles that are very wearable!
Innovative, non-invasive and wearable textile pressure sensors for measuring physiological and behavioural parameters for diagnostics and monitoring in sports, fashion and health;
with high wearability and adaptability, customisable in design and use, low impact on users’ lives and correlated with AI algorithms.

Your business partner to make your textile products smart.
We realise turnkey products with customised textile sensors for your projects, from design to production.
If you are a sports, fashion or medical company, or simply in the textile world and want to make your products innovative, Weabios creates the right solution for you.
We help companies design high-tech products that can sense force, pressure and deformation in a non-invasive manner.
We are also technology partners for IoT and Industry 4.0 product development.

Weabios Srl
Registered Office: Largo Duca D'Aosta 4, 56123 Pisa (PI)
Operational Headquarters: via Mario Giuntini 63 - 56023 Cascina (PI) c/o Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio
+39 340 0055877
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