ENDURE European Network of Design for Resilient Entrepreneurship

The ENDuRE Knowledge Alliance is an innovative approach to educating and supporting new entrepreneurs, aimed at increasing the resilience and competitiveness of European start-ups.

We have developed a holistic framework designed to transform ideas into technically and economically viable businesses. A small cluster of forward-thinking academic institutions and game-changing companies have formed an alliance to minimise the probability of failure of start-ups by helping them grow quickly and overcome the “Valley of Death”This alliance is composed of three universities and four companies, from Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The ENDuRE project has developed a robust and comprehensive set of educational and practical tools designed to provide short-term benefits to the hundreds of students and start-ups, as well as positively impact the activities of the European universities and public bodies, involved in the project.

Educational and training materials have been developed for specific stakeholder groups, including start-ups at various stages of their growth and maturity.

ENDURE is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + KA2 Program “Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Knowledge Alliances for Higher Education.


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